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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need title insurance? For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. Title insurers protect that investment by conducting a search and exam before closing to make sure that the buyer will own the property free and clear after closing. Otherwise, here's the risk: someone may show up at your door someday, claiming to own your house, or claiming a lien, boundary dispute or easement on your property. At that point, you must pay a real estate attorney to fight that claim because you decided to forego title insurance. Title insurance lasts as long as you own your property, and even insures the covenants on your deed after you sell your property. It is one of the best types of protection money can buy.

Why do I need new title insurance when refinancing? The new lender wants to make sure there are no title problems that may have arisen after your first mortgage to the day of your refinancing. The lender needs to be assured that it has a priority lien on your property, which is superior in right to other creditors.

Is HomeGuard Title & Trust right for me? Yes, whether you are refinancing, buying or selling your home, or are a real estate agent with clients, our licensed title agents will provide quick, professional service on your transaction. We will make sure there are no liens, and all taxes and association fees have been paid, ensuring your deal closes on time and with minimum of stress to you. No surprises for anyone. That's how we like it.

Do title insurance rates differ with each company? No. Title insurance rates are fixed by the State of Florida. However, you may be entitled to a reissue credit, which can save you thirty percent of the cost of your title insurance. Contact us to determine if you are eligible to receive this valuable credit.

Can HomeGuard help with an escrow agreement? Yes. Escrow agreements are common at closings. At HomeGuard our professionals are trained to handle your money safely. We'll deposit and distribute your funds and explain all questions you may have about your transaction.

Will I have to pay more if the research on my title is long and complicated? Many problems can arise when researching title, anything from unknown heirs to inaccuracies in property description to fraud. At HomeGuard we do not charge more for complicated title research that could uncover problems that would imperil your ownership.